Building approval for a transaction

The public authorities, as part of a strategic operation, can invite themselves to the negotiating table through their governmental authority, and, if necessary, participate to the financing round as an investor.

The institutional structuring is the financial, legal and operational construction of the transaction taking into account the doctrine and the strategic issues of the State, immediately and in the long term, so that it is acceptable to all.

illustration structuration institutionnelle
carré structuration

Mastering the institutional complexity of negotiations

The intervention of public authorities, or even of several States, in the negotiations creates additional complexity in the construction of an operation.

Ensuring the success of the transaction and preserving the value of the asset, technology or targeted company requires close, specific and tactical negotiation with the public authorities, in consultation with the other councils, to satisfactorily and sustainably draw the outlines of the deal.

Anticipating the strategic issues of the State