Ensuring the predictability of the operation

Understanding the strategic nature of an asset, a technology or a business is mandatory for those wanting to know the position of the public authorities on a planned operation.

The strategic diagnosis is based on a sectoral analysis, beyond the regulatory and financial aspects, integrating technological, geopolitical and market dimensions in order to assess the strategic nature of the asset, technology or target company.

Relying on a large network of experts, it is a key element in the due diligence phase.

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Mastering the institutional hazard

Understanding the position of the public authorities is essential in operations in which the State is present or into which it can invite itself.

The institutional diagnosis allows to assess the sensitivity of the public authorities on the planned operation and to measure its feasibility from the point of view of all administrations, government authorities, parliamentary assemblies and foreign institutions.

Anticipating the philisophy of the public authorities