Watch, design and influence

Identifying the relevant information is essential in order to support the positions of economic players with relevance. Relians offers three levels of monitoring: institutional monitoring, sensitive information and decision support.

The design of the lobbying strategy is an influence assistance made up of strategic studies and a mapping of institutional actors, as well as the development of key arguments and appropriate behavior.

Any influence action implies communication with the public authorities. By a direct approach of institutional stakeholders, the preparation for hearings and the retention of contacts, economic players are positioned close to public decision-makers.

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Interest representation mandate

The representation of interests or lobbying is defined as any entry into communication with a public decision-maker in order to influence a public decision. In accordance with the law n ° 2013-907 of October 11, 2013 relating to the transparency of the public life, these entries in communication must be declared on a register of the representatives of interests lodged with the High Authority for the Transparency of the Public Life (HATVP).

Relians has been registered since its origin.

The interest representation mandate ensures that influencer actions will be in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as ethical lobbying principles.

Be considered in the public decision