Ensuring the security of the transaction

Institutional dialogue consists in maintaining a constant link between the public authorities and the parties to an operation throughout its duration

In the context of a transaction placed under an authorization regime, the development of the transaction in close dialogue with the public authorities alone ensures its security and sustainability.

This institutional dialogue is led by specialists from the public authorities, recognized for their competence in this matter and with a strong network in France and internationally.

Photo d'illustration du dialogue institutionnelle
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Protecting the reputation of the operation

Given the national interests to be preserved, operations relating to strategic sectors are particularly sensitive to the issues of transparency.

Ensuring that the parties comply with the rules and constraints relating to entering into communication with the public authorities is therefore essential.

The interest representation mandate guarantees that this institutional dialogue is established in accordance with the requirements of transparency in public life and therefore prevents reputational risk.

Be a credible interlocutor for the public authorities