For the past 20 years, Relians has distinguished itself in multi-dimensional strategic operations.

1 visibilite

Improving the brand visibility of a new player on the public procurement market

Relians designed an institutional positioning strategy to boost the entry of a new Voice IP provider on the French market by helping it gain brand visibility that equaled or exceeded that of its competitors.

The presentation of that strategy to decision-makers included an exhaustive ‘public account’ approach and its direct promotion. The strategy saw Relians provide support to sales teams in the public procurement market.

2 acquisition

Acquisition of a French company operating in a strategic sector by a foreign investor

As part of the acquisition of a French (industrial) company by a top American investment fund, Relians supported the management of the investment authorisation, which the Ministry of the Economy (under article L. 151-3 of the French Monetary and Financial Code) granted in favour of the new owner. Aside from assessing strategic implications for national security, arising from the transaction (an axle manufacturer for military vehicles), the mission’s main objective was to reduce the initial investigation by at least two months.

This was to enable the seller finalise the transaction within the accounting year. The objectives of the contract were achieved, in spite of major calendar constraints within a highly sensitive sector.

3 suppression

Removal of tax on high-potential technology

On behalf of a client that manufactures satellite-receiving antennas, Relians was heavily involved in the abolition of a tax on satellite dishes.

Our know-how led to a legislative majority in favor of access to satellite broadband Internet at a particularly delicate time; the review of a finance bill being the most restrictive exercise in terms of the legislative process. We were also successful in advising legislators and government of the need to abolish existing taxes imposed on satellite dishes used for broadband access.

4 promotion

Promotion of a technology within the framework of a government bill

As part of the review of the French Internet access law, Relians encouraged the legal recognition of a technology — produced by a Californian start-up company — as a credible tool for the identification of illegally downloaded files.

A presentation establishing the technical feasibility of such a technology helped public authorities to make a decision based on their own objectives, rather than one constrained by a limited technological choice. This assessment was reflected in the Hadopi law through provisions related to technological compatibility, which were to be adhered to (by a body to be established on a future date) for the identification and processing of illegally downloaded files.